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Nostalghia.com is committed to bringing you the most extensive information on Andrei Tarkovsky found anywhere on the World Wide Web. We are dedicated to researching, preserving, and disseminating information related to the film-making career of Andrei Tarkovsky. We aim at providing uniquely interesting material, not easily accessible elsewhere (e.g., use our our Links section if you are looking for a Filmography). This is accomplished by, through our extensive network of contacts, obtaining permission from filmmakers, film crew members, authors, editors, researchers, and photographers to use and publish their material here. The Webmasters themselves are fluent in several languages (Russian, German, French, Swedish, Polish, Norwegian, Danish, English), making possible translation into English material otherwise only available in foreign languages.

Nostalghia.com provides all information free of charge, through a simple, fast-loading, no-frills web interface, entirely void of "frames," Java applets, Flash/Shockwave, pop-up windows, and product advertisements. All HTML is hand written—and manually optimized for speed—using the vi simple text editor under Linux/Unix.

Nostalghia.com is an entirely non-commercial site. All costs incurred are covered by the Webmasters themselves. Nostalghia.com targets Tarkovsky scholars and devotees, and the emphasis is on content rather than form. The site is meant as a humble tribute to Andrei Tarkovsky, arguably one of the greatest filmmakers of the 20th century.

Nostalghia.com is a founding member of Masters of Cinema (mastersofcinema.org), another fully non-commercial labor of love.

The Webmasters wish to thank Andrei Tarkovsky Jr. for personally offering his moral support to this project. Note, however, that Nostalghia.com is not endorsed by, licensed by, or affiliated with the Andrei Tarkovsky International Foundation. Nostalghia.com is—and will always remain—an "unoffical" Tarkovsky site.

Contacting the Webmasters

All comments, requests, and inquiries pertaining to Nostalghia.com should be directed to Jan and Trond at email address webmasters@nostalghia.com

About the Webmasters...

Jan Bielawski is a Mathematician (differential geometry, gravitation) with two permanent distractions - computers and film. His first encounter with Tarkovsky was Solaris which at the time (1972) didn't impress him as much as Lem's novel. It was Mirror in 1979 that created a powerful and lasting impression.

Jan can be reached at

Trond S Trondsen holds a PhD in Cosmic Geophysics and worked for 20 years as an Imaging Specialist / Rocket Scientist at the Institute for Space Research, University of Calgary, Canada. He is now full-time President of Keo Scientific Ltd. He had his beginnings in Tarkovsky in the mid 1980s, while with the Tromsø Filmklubb, a rep cinema in the city of Tromsø in arctic Norway.

Trond is a co-founder of the Masters of Cinema DVD/Blu-ray Series (Europe's answer to Criterion) released on the U.K. Eureka! label.

He can be reached at trond[at]nostalghia.com

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We acknowledge significant contributions by,

  • Dr. Seweryn Kuśmierczyk, Warsaw University
  • Mr. Lars-Olof Löthwall and The Swedish Film Institute (SFI)
  • Lasse Ulander, Sound Engineer (Offret), Stockholm
Further, we acknowledge numerous contributions by, in alphabetical order,

  • Johan Anglemark, Technical Communicator, Uppsala, Sweden
  • Alex Asp, Tel-Aviv
  • Anna Asp, Production Designer (Offret), Stockholm, Sweden
  • Aina Bellis, Stockholm, Sweden
  • Daniel Bergman, Director, Stockholm, Sweden
  • Maartsis Beerzinjsch, Audio Technician, Latvia
  • Dr. Robert Bird, Assistant Professor, The University of Chicago, Chicago, USA
  • Yevgeny Borzov, Ivanovo, Russia
  • Arne Carlsson, Director, Fårösund, Sweden
  • Piotr Dabrowski, Warszawa
  • Kyril Dambuleff, Frenchtown, NJ, USA
  • Peter DeMund, Director, Los Angeles, USA
  • Aleksandra Dimitrijevic, Ljubljana
  • Kerstin Eriksdotter, Assistant Director (Offret), Stockholm, Sweden
  • Henri Fellner, Illustrator, Paris, France
  • Dr. Bengt Forslund, Director, Stockholm, Sweden
  • Terrance Grace, Writer/Director, Brooklyn, NY, USA
  • Elisabet Helge, Filmhuset, Stockholm, Sweden
  • Jerzy Illg, Editor in Chief, Znak Publishers, Krakow, Poland
  • Erland Josephson, Writer/Producer/Director/Actor, Stockholm, Sweden
  • R. W. Kirchhoff, Santa Paula, CA, USA
  • Thomas Korolewicz, Librarian, Eastern Province of Saudi Arabia
  • Pete Lawley, Web Designer, South Wales, U.K.
  • Michael Lellouche, Paris, France
  • Mikhail Lemkhin, Photographer, San Francisco, USA
  • Michal Leszczylowski, Editor (Offret), Stockholm, Sweden
  • Krzysztof Marcinkiewicz, Warszawa
  • Sean Martin, Director, London, England
  • Gregory Meshman, Raleigh, NC, USA
  • Dolf Mulder, Theologian, Westervoort, The Netherlands
  • Leonard Neuger, Professor in Polish, Skogas, Sweden
  • Sven Nykvist, Photographer, Stockholm, Sweden
  • Sven E. Olsson, Film Critic, Ödsmål, Sweden
  • Mary Prlain, Director/Producer, New York City, USA
  • Keith Rose, Director, Orlando, Florida, USA
  • Jonathan Rosenbaum, Film Critic, Chicago, USA
  • Kimitoshi Sato, Writer, Saitama, Japan
  • Michael J. Schwalm, Frankfurt
  • Carlos Soares, Portugal
  • Wayne Spencer, Civil Servant and Writer, Yorkshire, U.K.
  • Ute Spengler, Translator, Switzerland
  • David Stringari, Artist, Fairfield, Connecticut, U.S.A.
  • Olga Surkova, Film Critic, Amsterdam, The Netherlands
  • Martin M Vardanov, Writer/Director, Hollywood, U.S.A.
  • Per-Erik Wallin, Filmhuset, Stockholm
  • Burkhard Walther, Photographer, Germany
  • Nicholas Wrigley, Musician, England
  • Gregory Young, Consultant, Melbourne, Australia
  • Mike Zuev, Moscow

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