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Andriej Tarkowski
Scenariusze [Screenplays], vol. I - 316 pages, vol. II - 344 pages,
Edited by Zbigniew Benedyktowicz and Seweryn Kuśmierczyk, Instytut Sztuki
Polskiej Akademii Nauk, Warszawa 1998 (Copyright by Larissa Tarkovskaya 1995,
Copyright for the present Polish edition by Instytut Sztuki PAN, Warszawa 1998,
Copyright for Polish translations by S. Kuśmierczyk, H. Kolodynska, A. Rekus,
M. Salyga, E. Smykowska, J. Gazda, H. Broniatowska, G. Ramotowska)
ISBN 83-85938-92-3 (vol. I)
ISBN 83-85938-97-4 (vol. II)
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Andrei Tarkovsky, William Powell (Translator), Natasha Synessios (Translator)
Collected Screenplays, paperback - 564 pages (September 1999), Faber & Faber;
ISBN: 0571142664 ; Dimensions (in inches): 1.34 x 8.43 x 5.29.
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Andreï Tarkovski
Oeuvres cinématographiques complètes
Ed. Exils, 2001
Tome 1, 450 p., ISBN 2912969182
Tome 2, 435 p., ISBN 2912969190

Andrei Tarkovski
Collection dirigee par Gilles Ciment. Paris : Rivages,
c1988. (Series: Dossier Positif-Rivages, 4)
169 p. : ill. ; 25 cm. ISSN: 0990-2848
Some essays translated from various languages.
Biofilmography: p. 166-169.

Andrej Tarkovskij
Erinnerungen an die Wahrheit.
Format: Beiheft 3 der "Film-Korrespondenz." 12 mai 1987
Published: Katholisches Institut für medieninformation
- R.Jacobi, Vom Wässern des verdorrten Baumes, 3-23
- A.Eichenberger, Zu den theologischen Dimensionen in
Tarkowskijs Werk: Versuch einer Annäherung, 24-32
- N.Fedorowskij, Interviews mit Andrej Tarkovsky, 33-37
- A.Nekrasov, Zum geistigen Werk Andrej Tarkovskys, 38-39
- E.Bieger, Was ist die religiöse Dimension in Tarkovskys Filmen?, 40-43
- Symbol des ewigen Russland - Meditation bei der Totenliturgie für Andrej
Tarkowskij in der russisch-orthodoxen Alexander neski kathedrale von Paris, 44
- Talent von unnachahmbarer Individualität, 45
- Filmographie Andrej Tarkowskij, 46-47

Andrey Tarkovsky. Anniversary Collection.
Publishing House: Algorithm; in the series: Russian Olympus; Antology
2002, 272 pages. ISBN 5-9265-0057-5 , The print run: 3000 copies, Format
84x108/32, Hardcover
Blurb: The prominent workers of culture reflect on work and life of Tarkovsky in
the collection. The book is released for the 70-year anniversary of director.
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Andrei Tarkovsky
Presente par Michel Estève (Hrsg), avec des textes de Jean-Paul
Sartre ... [et al.].
Mit Beiträgen u.a. von Jean-Paul Sartre, Michel Ciment,
Michel Estève, Marcel Martin.
Paris : Lettres modernes: Minard [distributor], 1983,
études cinémathèques; nos 135-138
ISSN: 0014-1992; Paris: Minard 1983.
Filmography: p. 179-184. Includes bibliographies.
185 p. : ill. ; 19 cm.

Andrei Tarkovsky
Cinema et spiritualite : Robert Bresson, Andrei Tarkovski,
Ermanno Olmi, Krzysztof Zanussi, Alain Cavalier
introduction d'Henri Agel. Bruxelles, Belgique : OCIC, c1988.
Description: 75, [9] p., [4] p. of plates : ill. ; 21 cm.
Includes bibliographical references.

Andrei Tarkovsky
THE APOCALYPSE, A Lecture given at St James' Church Piccadilly
1984 + article on Tarkovsky by Peter Pele. Other articles inc
Winifrd Nicholson etc. Temenos 8, Card 294pp illus.

Andrej Tarkovskij
PER Andrej Tarkovskij. Atti del convegno del 19 gennaio 1987
Roma : Centro Sperimentale di Cine..., 1987 90 ; 21 cm.

Andrei Tarkovsky
Andrei Tarkovsky, arkhivy, dokumenty, vospominanya.
EKSMO-Press, Moscow 2002, 461 pp., ill.
This is the first complete Russian edition of "Sculpting In Time".
The book also includes notes by Irma Rausch-Tarkovskaya, Andrei Bitov,
Mikhail Romadin, and others. Also included are photographs, many
of them published for the first time.
Cover scan

Andrei Tarkovsky
Japanese Photobook.
Color and b/w photographs of Andrei, images from his movies, and from the
set of his movies. 6" x 8", 175 pages, softcover, 1989, ISBN4-8261-0124-4 C0074
Cover scan and sample pages

Andrej Tarkovskij
Jubilejnyj Sbornik. A compilation of different articles published earlier.
Includes intriguing account by O.Teneishvili (a former "Sovexportfilm" manager)
on the struggle between the Soviet bureaucracy and French producers to present
"Rubliov" at the Cannes Festival in 1969. The other stories are drawn from various
books, issued over the last 10 years and include articles by N.Zorkaya, A.Voznesensky,
V.Yusov, E.Artemiev, M.Romadin, V.Malyavina, L.Nehoroshev, L.Anninsky, V.Shitova,
A.Demidova, M.Romm, S.Nykvist, E.Demant. Black and white pictures.
ISBN 5-9265-0057-5 Moscow, Algorhythm Publishers, 2002, 271 pp.
Cover scan

Agel, H.
Andrej Tarkovski
In: Le visage du Christ à l'écran
Publ.: Paris, desclée, 1985

Alexander-Garrett, Layla
Andrei Tarkovski: Sobiratel snov
Published by: Izdatelstvo AST, Astrel
Moscow 2009
ISBN: 978-5-17-058378-2, 978-5-271-23364-7 (Astrel)
ISBN: 978-5-17-058459-8, 978-5-271-23361-6 (AST)
cover image (Astrel)
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Baba, Hironobu (ed.)
Book of Andrei Tarkovsky's Mirror,
Includes Tarkovsky's working diary, shooting script, photos, and more.
Libro Port, 1994, in Japanese ISBN 4-8457-0926-0, B5 size, 512 pages
Detailed Info

Baba, Hironobu
Tokyo: Misuzu Shobou, 2002. In Japanese. ISBN 4-622-07010-3. 285 pages. Hard cover.
2.800 JPY (tax excluded). Publisher:

Baba, Ms. Tomoko (ed.)
Book of Tarkovsky's The Killers. Seidosha Publishers, Tokyo, Japan 1997, 238 pages,
13cm X 19cm, many small photos. Companion book to the NHK documentary about The Killers.
ISBN4-7917-5559-6, price 2,400 yen plus 5% tax.
The NHK documentary "Tarkovsky: a journey to his beginning" was aired on 11 May, 1996.
It was edited by Ms Tomoko Baba, 45 minutes running time.
The Book includes color reproductions of AT's six drawings (from 1943 to 1950),
provided by Marina Tarkovskaya.
Section 1: happiness and sadness in childhood and boyhood, talks by Marina.
Section 2: from a juvenile delinquent to a youth who wants to kill himself.
Includes a reproduction of a letter to Father, drawings,
and a poem written after his entrance into VGIK.
Based on a talk by Tarkovsky's collegue Kochebrin.
Section 3: during the VGIK days and his very first film, talks by Gordon,
comment by Feit. Includes all shot plans.
Section 4: a promising film director. Comment by Konchalovsky, Mr. and Mrs. Romadin.
Section 5: conflict with Soviet regime, excerpt from the Tarkovsky radio drama
"Turnabout," on sound designs, talks by Durov, Konchalovsky,
and Kochebrin.
[Some notes on the Radio Drama:
The radio drama "Turnabout" is based on W. Faulkner's novel about
the war scene, it was adapted into a film in the U.S. in 1933.
Tarkovsky worked for the all Soviet radio station from 1964 until 1965.
The broadcast of the drama was forbidden by the authorities. The
radio drama was aired suddenly on 26 Sep, 1987 in Russia, and in
1990 in Germany, and later in Britain and Sweden. Ed. ]
Section 6: exile and sacrifice, comments by Wibom, Mr. and Mrs. Romadin, Kochebrin,
Gordon, Marina. An article by Prof. Mitsuyoshi Numano: Tarkovsky in the
beginning and at the end - lying between two cosmoses.
cover | sample page | letter (Japanese layout: right-to-left); translation

Baecque, Antoine de.
Andrei Tarkovski / Antoine de Baecque. Paris: Ed. de
l'Etoile/Cahiers du Cinema, c1989. Cahiers du cinema.
Collection "Auteurs."
127 p. : ill. ; 22 cm. Filmographie p. 123-126, bibliographie
p. 126

Bergh, Magnus and Birgit Munkhammar (eds.)
Tarkovskij: Tanken på en hemkomst, aka. Tarkovsky: Thoughts on Coming to Rest,
aka. Tarkovskij, Thoughts on Homecoming, An anthology, in Swedish, Alfabeta 1986.
ISBN 91-7712-064-7.
cover | rear | contents

Bergom-Larsson, Maria, 1942-
Nedstigningar i modern film : hos Bergman, Wenders, Adlon,
Tarkovskij / Maria Bergom Larsson, Stina Hammar, Bengt
Kristensson Uggla. Delsbo [Sweden] : Asak, Sahlin & Dahlstrom,
c1992. 136 p. : ill. ; 21 cm.
Includes bibliographical references.

Boldyryov, N.
Stalker, ili Trudy i dni Andreya Tarkovskogo (Stalker, or Work and Days
of Andrey Tarkovsky). 2002, 383 pages, ill., hardcover Ural LTD, Chelyabinsk.
Blurb reads: "This biography [...] the first book about
the meaning of the life work of L. [sic] Tarkovsky"
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Borin, Fabrizio.
Il cinema di Andrej Tarkovskij, Jouvence.
Roma : Jouvence, 1989. 182 p. ; 30 cm.
ISBN: 88-7801-096-0

Botz-Bornstein, Thorsten.
Films and Dreams: Tarkovsky, Bergman, Sokurov, Kubrick, and Wong Kar-Wai.
Lexington Books, 176 pages. Films and Dreams considers the essential link between films and the world of dreams. Author Thorsten Botz-Bornstein reveals a common structure of dreamtense in the works of major filmmakers like Tarkovsky, Sokurov, Bergman, and Wong Kar-wai.
ISBN: 0739121871 / 978-0739121870

British Film Institute.
The Geopolitical Aesthetic: Cinema and Space in the World System.
Bloomington: Indiana University Press ; London : British Film Institute, 1992. Among the
topics covered are conspiracy films, Andrei Tarkovsky's magical realism,
Taiwanese movies, works by Jean-Luc Godard and Kidlat Tahimiles "The Perfumed

Bulgakowa, O. and D. Hochmuth
Iwans Kindheit(1962)
Chapter in book: Der Krieg gegen die Sowjet-Union im Spiegel von 36 Filmen, 1992

De Bleeckere, Sylvain
Tragiek, Transcendentie en Triade - beeldend denken nabij het oeuvre van
Andrei Tarkovsky - een begin Hasselt,
Men(s)tis, 1999 ,142 p., Dutch, to order via

De Bleeckere, Sylvain
Het licht van de schepping - de religiositeit van de beeldcultuur, Averbode, Altiora,
1992, 176 p., Dutch. Includes a chapter ‘het licht van de christelijke beeldkunst
– in de filmspiegel van Andrei Roublev van Andrei Tarkosky, pp. 93-111.
ISBN 90-317-0934-4

De Bleeckere, Sylvain
De horizon van de tragische mens - cultuurfilosofisch gesprek met het film-oeuvre van
Andrei Tarkosky, Antwerpen/Amsterdam, De Nederlandsche Boekhandel, 1984,127 p.
Dutch, out of print

De Bleeckere, Sylvain
De horizon van de tragische mens.
Cultuurfilosofisch gesprek met het film-oeuvre van Andrei Tarkovskij.
Kapellen [Belgium] : De Nederlandsche Boekhandel 1984.
ISBN 9028909400 127 p. ill. [format about A4] The Author id Dr. of Philosophy & teacher of religion at the "normaalschool" Hasselt + teacher of metaphysics & contemp. culture at the episcopal seminar for priests in Hasselt, Belgium + collaborator at Cedoc film + editor for Mediafilm. A catholic reading.

De Bleeckere, Sylvain
Filmkunst en spiritualiteit - Bijdrage tot een constructieve visie
In: Geloof en communicatie: audiovisuele media als vindplaats van
religiositeit en spiritualiteit. pp. 71-86. Dutch.
H.M.W.J. van de Wouw (ed.).
Publ.: Katholiek Mediacentrum & Katholieke Filmactie Nederland, 1991.

Dulgheru, Elena
Tarkovski, filmul ca rugaciune. [Romanian edition]
Tarkovsky. Film as a Prayer. [English edition]
Arca Invierii Publishing House, 2004
ISBN 973-85077-6-6
Romanian information page
English information page

Elmanovits, Tatjana
Ajapeegel: Andrei Tarkovski filmid.
cover scan

Estève, Michel
Andrei Tarkovsky Presente par Michel Estève.
Translated into Japanese by Seiji Suzumura
Publisher Kokubunsha, 1991
Hardcover with b/w photos
259 pages, 13x20 cm
ISBN 4-7720-0359-2
cover scan | masthead

Evlampiev, Igor
Andrei Tarkovsky's Philosophy of Art.
Published by Aleteia, St. Petersburg 2001, 348p., ISBN 5-89329-443-2)
cover scan

Five Filmmakers: Tarkovsky, Forman, Polanski, Szabo, Makavejev
Edited by Daniel J. Goulding. Bloomington: Indiana
University Press, c1994.
Paperback (February 1994) Indiana Univ Pr; ISBN: 0253208254.

Fraser, Peter
Images of the Passion - The Sacramental Mode in Film.
Hardcover - 152 pages (October 1998). (Also available in paperback).
Praeger Pub Text; ISBN: 0275964647 ; Dimensions (in inches): 0.77 x 8.60 x 5.82
Contains a chapter on Andrei Tarkovsky's Andrei Rublov.
cover image

Frezzato, Achille
Tarkovskij : Andrej Tarkovskij / di Achille Frezzato.
Firenze : La nuova Italia, 1977.
103 p. ; 17 cm.
Series: Il Castoro cinema ; 48.
Filmography: p. 97-98. Bibliography: p. 99-191.

Frezzato, Achille
Andrej Tarkovskij. Florenz: Il castoro cinema. La nuova Italia 1974

Fryš, Miloš (Ed.)
Krása je symbolem pravdy (Beauty as a Symbol of Truth)
A collection of short texts on Tarkovsky. Czech language.
Published by Camera Obscura.
Hardcover (November 30, 2005).
456 pages. ISBN 80-903678-0-1.
website | cover | summary of contents, in English

Gangar, Amrit (Ed.)
Andrei Tarkovsky: A Homage
Screen Unit, Mumbai, India, 1987.
This homage published by the film club Screen Unit, just after Tarkovsky's death.
cover image | title page | table of content

Gauthier, Guy
Andrei Tarkovski / Guy Gauthier. [Paris]: Edilig, [1988]
Filmo ; 19

Golovskoy, Val S. with John Rimberg
Behind the Soviet Screen - The Motion-Picture Industry in the USSR 1972-1982
Transl.: Steven Hill
Publ.: Ardis Publishers, Ann Arbor, 1986
Remark: Has an appendix of interest
Title appendix: Appendix D 'Excerpt from Remarks of Director Andrei
Tarkovsky at a National Film Conference (March 1980)
Page: 120-121

Green, Peter
Andrei Tarkovsky : the winding quest / Peter Green.
Houndmills, Basingstoke, [England] : Macmillan, c1993.
Description: ix, 163 p. : ill. ; 23 cm.
Includes bibliographical references and filmography (p.152-157).

Hahn, Johan G., and Frits Tillmans
Kijken naar levensbeschouwing
Published by: Gooi & Sticht, Hilversum, 1989, 256 pages (Dutch)
This book has one chapter on Tarkovsky:
- Els Speet, Solaris: het geheim van spiegels, p.137-162

Hes, J.
Andrej Tarkovski; Offret(het Offer)
Chapter in book: J.Hes, Utopia in opspraak: utopisme, chiliasme, science fiction
en de film, Van Gorcum, Assen, 1989, p.142-144

Ikeda, Hiroyuki (ed.)
A special issue of the Japanese monthly Image Forum, March 1987
Contains brief articles/notes by various Japanese writers, Tarkovsky remarks
from various sources, filmography, and a short article of his funeral.
198 pages, b/w and color photos, 15 cm x 21 cm. 1200 Yen (tax incl.).
Copyright by Daguerreo Press, Inc., 1987. Published by Daguerreo Press. ISBN: None.
[NOTE: this compilation based on one originally published in November 1986.
The new issue adds an interview with Toru Takemitsu, and the funeral article]
cover scan

Ivanovo Committee for Culture and Arts (ed.)
"Andrey Tarkovsky's Days in the Ivanovo Region"
Ivanovo Committee for Culture and Arts, Ivanovo, Russia, 208 pp., 2002.
A collection of articles and essays by local scholars, educators and
organizers of the April 2002 anniversary activities in Ivanovo and
Yurievets. An interview with N. Burlyaev is included, as well as
the reminiscences of those who met with Tarkovsky in the late 1970s
during his visits to Ivanovo and Yaroslavl for the first showing of
Mirror. There are also a few amateur black-and-white pictures of Andrei
and his wife, taken at that time. Since it is meant primarily for the
local community of Tarkovsky fans, the circulation of the book is only
150 and the layout is somewhat on the modest side.
cover scan

Jansen, Peter W. / Wolfram Schutte (Hrsg)
Andrej Tarkowskij. Reihe Film 39. München: Carl Hanser 1987
Mit Beitragen von Wolfgang Jacobsen ... [et al.].
NOTES: "Reihe Film" is a series of books on film directors compiled in cooperation
with Stiftung Deutsche Kinemathek (Peter W.Jansen & Wolfram Schütte).
Number 39 on Tarkovsky contains the following chapters:
1. "Die banale Gleichmacherei des Todes" von Alexander Sokurow
2. "Der antiavantgardistische Avantgardist" von Hans-Joachim Schlegel
3. "Erinnerungen und Fragen" von Eva M.J.Schmid
4. "Kommentierte Filmografie" von Klaus Kreimeier
5. "Daten" von Wolfgang Jacobsen
Biografie, Filmografie, Bibliografie, Nachtrag

Jassenjawsky, Igor (Hrsg.)
VON EISENSTEIN BIS TARKOWSKY: Die Malerei der Filmregisseure in der USSR.
Subtitle: Bilder, Zeichnungen, Filme von: Dowschenko, Eisenstein, Essadse,
Gabriadse, Iljenko, Kuleschow, Minajew, Mitta, Naumow, Paradschanow, Tarkowsky.
Includes paintings and drawings by Tarkowsky.
Biographien u. Filmographien von Kora Zereteli und Jewgeny Wolkowskiy . -
Munchen : Prestel-Verl., 1990. - 159 S. : Ill. C 903. DM 74,00
160 Seiten mit 160 Abbildungen, davon 25 in Farbe, 19,5 x 30 cm
Orig. gebunden, Orig. Schutzumschlag, tadellos erhalten.

Jünger, Hans-Dieter
"Kunst der Zeit und des Erinnerns: Andrej Tarkowskijs Konzept des Films"
Edition terium, Ostfildern, 1995.
ISBN 3-930717-12-3.

Johnson, Vida T.
"Laughter Beyond the Mirror: Humor and Satire in the Cinema
of Andrei Tarkovsky." In: Inside Soviet Film Satire:
Laughter with a Lash / editor, Andrew Horton. pp: 98-104.
Cambridge [England] ; New York, NY, USA : Cambridge
University Press, 1993. Cambridge studies in film.

Johnson, Vida T.
The Films of Andrei Tarkovsky: A Visual Fugue / Vida T.
Johnson and Graham Petrie. Bloomington: Indiana University
Press, c1994. ISBN: 0253331374 (hardcover) 0253208874 (paperback).
[Unfortunately, the authors are frequently wrong on technical matters.]

Karriker, Alexandra Heidi.
"Patterns of Spirituality in Tarkovsky's Later Films." In:
Before the Wall Came Down: Soviet and East European
Filmmakers Working in the West Edited by Graham Petrie,
Ruth Dwyer. pp: 183-201. Lanham, Md.: University Press of
America, c1990.

Kastinger-Haslinger, Michaela M.
Der Film "Andrej Rublev" von Andrej
Tarkovskij : eine Reflexion unter Einbeziehung filmtheoretischer und
geschichtlicher Aspekte / Michaela M. Kastinger-Haslinger. - [Wien]
[1999]. - 224 S.

Kovàcs, Bàlint Andràs and Szilàgyi, Akos (translated by Charaire, Véronique)
Les mondes d'Andrei Tarkovsky. (series: L'age d'homme) Lausanne, L'age d'homme,
1987, 195 p. French, Paperback
NOTE: Also includes an article by Freddy Buache,
Andréï Tarkovski et le Sacrifice pp. 175-189.

Kuśmierczyk, Seweryn (ed.)
"Kompleks Tolstoja", ed. by Seweryn Kuśmierczyk
Wydawnictwo Pelikan, Warszawa 1989 ISBN 83-85045-40-6
(Copyright by Larissa Tarkovskaya, Paris 1989. Copyright for the choice
and arrangement of texts by Seweryn Kuśmierczyk, Warszawa 1989).
cover scan | jacket scan

Laberge, Yves
"Psychanalyse et cinéma: le schéma oedipien dans le film Le Sacrifice d'Andreï Tarkovski"
in Clancier, Anne et al. (Dir.), Mythes et psychanalyse.
Actes du colloque du Centre culturel international de Cerisy-la-Salle, Paris,
Éditions In Press, collection "Réflexions du temps présent", 1997, pp. 213-222.
Available at the publisher's address:
   In Press Editions - 12, rue du Texel - 75014 Paris FRANCE,
   Tel: 01 43 35 40 32 - Fax: 01 43 21 05 00 - email InLine75[at]

Le Fanu, Mark
The Cinema of Andrei Tarkovsky / by Mark le Fanu. London:
BFI, 1987, ISBN 0-85170-193-0.
BFI, 1987, ISBN 0-85170-194-9 Pbk.

Madden, John
"The Poetry of Cinema"
The "cinema of poetry" studied here includes filmmakers such as Welles, Ozu,
Bresson, Cocteau, Tarkovsky, Bergman, Kurosawa, Godard, Bertolucci, Pasolini
and Mizoguchi. Though the (mainly European) art film is the chief field of
Madden's enquiry, his analysis takes in the whole of the history of cinema,
from the Lumiere brothers, through the silent era and golden age of
Hollywood to avant garde filmmakers such as Anger, Snow and Brakhage. Madden
reappraises the aesthetics of cinema and its affinities with poetry,
mythology, religion, magic and narrative art.
Bibliography, illustrations, notes 87pp ISBN 1-871846-52-8 #10.49 / $16.50
Published 1994, by Crescent Moon, U.K. (

Maraldi, Antonio
Il cinema secondo Tarkovskij, Cesena: Centro cinema Citta di Cesena,
1984, 36 p. ; 21 cm.

Miall, David
"The Self in History: Wordsworth, Tarkovsky, and Autobiography."
The Wordsworth Circle 27 (1996): 9-13.

Mottana, Paolo
"L'opera dello sguardo",
a study on the use of imagination in education. Contains
the paper "Il limo salvifico di Andrej Tarkovskij" (Italian).
reprint [PDF]

Numano, Mitsuyoshi (ed.)
"Mir i Filmy Andreia Tarkovskovo" ("The World and Films of Andrei Tarkovsky"),
In Japanese. Japanese Copyright 1995 Kinema Junpo Sha, Co., ltd, Tokyo.
Paperback. ISBN 4-87376-144-1 3883 Yen (+ 5% tax), 557 pages with indices.
Many b/w photos from his movies, family album, and from his Hamlet production.
cover scan | masthead

Petraglia, Sandro (ed).
Italian book, Edizioni A.I.A.C.E., Turin, 1975.
Contains rare information, particularly on the distribution
fortunes of Andrei Rublev.

Philmus and Elkins (ed).
SCIENCE-FICTION STUDIES 1987 NOV. SFS Publications, 1987. #43, Vol 14, part 3 VG-,
418 pgs in stiff wraps, periodical on literary theory in science fiction.
Includes articles such as: The Neutralization of Revolt in BLADE RUNNER,
Chris Marker and the cinema as Time Machine, The Sci Fi films of Andrei
Tarkovsky, Beyond Topekaand Thunderdome, Return of the Jedi as epic graffiti.

Philmus Robert M.
Obituary: Andrei Tarkovsky, in Science-Fiction Studies,
Volume 14, no 41, 1987, p. 120.

Plachov, A.
Andrej Tarkovski: kunstenaar en mythe
In: De film in de sovjet-unie, pp. 49-59
Published: Novosti, Moskou, 1990. Dutch.

Ratschewa, M.
Die messianische Kraft der Bilder - Das Phänomen Andrej Tarkowskij
In Jahrbuch Film 82/83, pp. 178-186. German.
Hanser Verlag, München

Redwood, Thomas
Andrei Tarkovsky's Poetics of Cinema
Cambridge Scholars Publishing, Newcastle upon Tyne, 2010
ISBN 1-4438-2218-3

Robinson, Jeremy Mark.
The Sacred Cinema of Andrei Tarkovsky
A critical study of Russian film director Andrei Tarkovsky (1932-86), including a
a scene by scene analysis of all of his films. An exploration of Tarkovsky,
using contemporary theory and research.
696 pages. ISBN-10: 1861710283, ISBN-13: 978-1861710284
Crescent Moon Publishing

Rosenbaum, Jonathan
Inner Space (Tarkovsky's Solaris)
In: Movies as Politics, University of California Press, 1997, pp. 276-283.

Rosenbaum, Jonathan
Chris Marker's One Day in the Life of Andre Arsenevich,
In: Pantheon Movie Picks: Recanonizing Cinema, Johns Hopkins University Press,
late 2003.

Rostotskaia, M. (ed.)
"Nachalo--i puti : vospominaniia, interv'iu, lektsii, stat'i
Moskva : VGIK, 1994 (in Russian) The beginning.. and the paths]. Comp. and
ed. by M. Rostotskaia. Moscow: VGIK, 1994. 208 p. pbk. ISBN 587149014X. In Russian.
This book includes memoirs about, interviews with, and lectures and articles by
Andrei Tarkovskii (1932-1986), the film director who became very popular after his
film "Andrei Rublev". The book is published by the Russian State Institute of
Cinematography. Includes a bibliography about Tarkovskii and his films, and a

Roth, Wilhelm, and Bettina Thienhaus (ed.)
Film und Theologie
Published by: GEP-Buch im J.F.Steinkopf Verlag, Stuttgart, 1989, 150 pages (German)
This book contains two Tarkovsky-related chapters:
- H.W.Dannowski, Zur kontroverse über Andrej Tarkovskij, p.119-128
- Christian Ziewer, Die Aktualität von Dreyer und Tarkovskij, p.129-140

Ruggle, W.
Andrej Tarkowski und seine Auswirkungen auf den sowjetischen Film: Nostalgie und
schwarze Augen, p.85-98, Chapter in book: Sowjetischer Film heute,
S. Brändli & W. Ruggle (hrsg.), Verlag. Lars Müller, Badem, 1990, ISBN 3-906700-36-4

Salynski, Dmitri
Kinogermenevtika Tarkovskogo
Published by: Izdatelstvo Kvadriga, 2009
ISBN: 978-5-904162-02-03
cover image

Schillaci, F.
Il tempo interiore – L'arte della visione di Andrej Tarkovskij
Pubblicazione: 30 novembre 2017; Pagine: 296 + inserto fotografico a colori; Formato: 14x21
ISBN: 9788867088133

Schmid, E. M. J.
Nostalghia/Melancholia - Ein interpretatorischer Versuch zum Verständnis von
Andrej Tarkowskijs sechstem Film
In: Jahrbuch Film 83/84. pp. 142-159. German.
Hanser Verlag, München

Schmitz, J.
Andrej Tarkovski
Chapter in book: Jaarboek Film , H.Beerekamp, P.van Bueren, J.Heijs (ed.),
1981, p.101-109. Het Wereldvenster, Bussum

Siniscalchi, C.
Tarkovskij + intervista. L. 16.000

Smith CSB, T. Allan
Film als Diener des Evangeliums: "Je vous salue, Marie" von Jean-Luc Godard
und "Offret" von Andrej Tarkovskij
In: K.Felmy, o.a.(ed.), Kirche im Kontext unterschiedlicher Kulturen: Auf dem
Weg in das dritte Jahrtausend, Göttingen, 1991. German.

Stein, Jean, Michael Kazmarek and Walter Hopps (Eds.)
Grand Street No. 68: Symbols. [Includes Hoffmanniana by Tarkovsky].
254 pages ; Dimensions (in inches): 0.53 x 9.56 x 8.24
Grand Street Pr; ISBN: 1885490194; (1999)
cover scan | contents

Suchánek, Vladimír
Topografie transcendentních souradnic filmového obrazu
(English: Topography of Transcendent Coordinates of the Film Image -
Introduction to the problematics of an image of art as a spiritual-aesthetic
reality). In Czech. Olomouc 2002. 261 pages. ISBN 80-244-0417-6.
[ English TOC | cover scan ]
This monography is dealing with the reality of existence of a work of
art as an artefaktum for the most part spiritual. Considering the
point of view of three elementar branches: theology, aesthetics and
arts. This reality is known, generally published but only marginally
and in hints. Subtitle of this work is more concrete and defines more
exactly the aim of the whole cogitation: spiritual continuity of the
work of art. The monography is divided into three elementary parts:
1. General introduction to the problematics of the existence of
the work of art and its basic structure of expression. The work of
art is classified among the context of the civilization development
and its aesthetic needs. The terms like artistic trash (kitsch),
possibility of rise, sense of existence, etc., are concretized here.
Further the basic means of expression: movement, colour, sound etc.
is contemplated and analyzed.
2. Short independent part on documentarity of the film image and
its authenticity like an image structure of communication.
3. Structure and analysis of the work of Andrej Tarkovskij in the
spiritual continuity of the production. Chosen the basic themes
(Landscape as a state of mind, Baptize, Mother, Filiality, etc.) which
are in his films and these are analyzed just from the point of view of
the spiritual continuity of human life and its tending. The whole
work is an introduction to a very wide theme, which could be called:
principles of the existence of a work of art. This large topic is
continuously defined and concretized by means of a number of analyses
(which are appendixes of each chapter) of various Czech and foreign
film works. The work as a whole tries to remind a very serious fact
that the real work of art, apart from its aesthetic, philosophical,
social and other values, is also a bearer of extraordinary spiritual
qualities without which it probably could not exist as a work of art.

Surkova, Olga
Kniga sopostavlenii. Tarkovsky-79 (Book of Comparisons. Tarkovsky-79).
Kinocenter, Moscow, 1991, 176 pages. ISBN 5-7240-0007-5.
cover scan

Surkova, Olga
Tarkovskiy i ya. Dnevnik pionerki. [Tarkovsky and I. Diary of a Girl Scout.]
Publishing House: Zebra E, Dekont+, EKSMO, Moscow 2002.
488 pages. ISBN 5-89535-027-5. 5100 copies. Format 84x108/32. Hardcover.
Blurb: Olga Surkova - movie expert living in Amsterdam since 1982. For 20 years
was a friend of Tarkovsky's, even was a member of their family for some
time. She was close to them in Moscow, and later in immigration. Surkova
was an assistant to Tarkovsky for his only book, Sculpting In Time, giving
the book its name. "Tarkovskiy and I" is full of unknown to us events and
details of personal biography, witnessed by Olga Surkova.
cover scan

Surkova, Olga
Tarkovskiy i ya. Dnevnik pionerki. [Tarkovsky and I. Diary of a Girl Scout.]
Second revised edition.
Publishing House: Zebra E, Moscow 2005.
488 pages. ISBN 5-94663-237-X. 7000 copies. Format 84x108/32. Hardcover.
cover scan

Surkova, Olga
S Tarkovskim i o Tarkovskom. [With Tarkovsky and about Tarkovsky.]
Publishing House: Raduga, Moscow 2005.
464 pages. ISBN 5-05-006018-4. 3000 copies. Format 84x108/32. Hardcover.
Blurb: unique material is contained in this book by film historian Olga
Surkova, a long-standing and devoted researcher of the works by Andrei
Tarkovsky with whom she shared friendship for many years. Interviews as
well as transcripts of diaries and audio tapes included in the book
immerse the reader in the creative world of the great director, allowing
participation in the filmmaking process, providing verbal formulations —
rather than cinematographic ones — for Tarkovsky's views on art,
the artist, and the viewer.
cover scan

Swedish Film Institute, The
The Sacrifice, a Film by A.Tarkovsky: excerpts from the original script
Published: The Swedish Institute (ed.), Montola, 1986

Synessios, Natasha
Mirror. 130 pages. I.B. Tauris; ISBN 1860645216.
Publisher's blurb: Andrei Tarkovsky's most complex autobiographical film-is
the subject of this critical companion. The film reconstructs and records
ironic memories and emotional impressions in the life of an individual,
nation, and era. The critical acclaim was overwhelming, and Mirror is still
the favorite Tarkovsky film of most Russians. This book provides a production
history, critical analysis, and overview of the film's initial reception.
cover scan

Tarkovsky, Andrei
Sculpting in time: reflections on the cinema / by Andrey Tarkovsky;
transl. from the Russian by Kitty Hunter_Blair. Author: Andrej Tarkovskij
1932-1986. Year: 1986. Publisher: London : The Bodley Head 239 p.
ISBN: 0-370-30694-5, 0-370-30787-9

Tarkovsky, Andrei
Sculpting In Time (Reflections on the Cinema),
Faber & Faber, Revised edition 1989, English translation
of "Sapetschatljonnoje Wremja", ISBN 0-571-15135-3.
Also: Univ of Texas Pr; ISBN: 0292776241
[NOTE that the first AMERICAN - not this one - edition states:
"This translation originally published in slightly
different form in Great Britain by Bodley Head, Ltd.,
London in 1986." --trond ]
cover scan U.S. ed. | cover scan U.K. ed.

Tarkovski, Andreï
(tranlated by Kichilov, Anne & de Brantes, Charles), Le temps scellé,
Paris, Editions de l'Etoile – Cahiers du Cinéma, 1989, 239 p. – French
translation of ‘Sculpting in Time’, based on the Russian version, ISBN

Tarkovski, Andrej
Vajanje u vremenu / Andrej Tarkovski
(prevod Umetnička družina Anonim) - Beograd: Umetnička družina Anonim, 1999
(Beograd: Zuhra). - 244 str. : ilustr. ; 21cm - (Biblioteka Preteče, knj. 1)
Prevedeno prema: Sculpting in time. - Tiraž 300. - Beleške: str. 243-244.
a) Tarkovski Andrej (1932-1986) - Filmovi ID = 2720652
NOTE: English translation of above data follows:
Translated by Art group "Anonim" [no names given]
Belgrade, 1999. Printed by "Zuhra".
Edition: Forerunners, book first translation based on
"Sculpting in time" [US edition, University of Texas Press, Austin, 1998]
Number of copies: 300. 244 p. ; ilustrated b/w [actual format of book
is 12 x 23 cm. No ISBN]
On the first page inside, it states: Andrej Tarkovski: Vajanje u vremenu Title of the
German source: Die versiegelte Zeit, Ullstein Verlag, 1986. Title of American edition:
Sculpting in Time, University of Texas press, Austin, 1998.
cover | dustjacket flap | front/dustjacket | back/dustjacket

Tarkovsky, Andrei
Sculpting In Time (Reflections on the Cinema),
Japanese Ed., 358 pages, 1988, b/w photos
Format 15 cm x 21 cm.
ISBN 0374-01030-1320. 3,000 yen + 5% tax
[NOTE: The translation is based on a typewritten Russian manuscript Larissa
sent to the Japanese translator. He also made use of two English versions as
supporting material.]
cover scan small | cover scan fullsize

Tarkowskij, Andrej
Die versiegelte Zeit. Gedanken
zur Kunst, zur Ästhetik und Poetik des Films. Aus dem
Russischen von Hans-Joachim Schlegel.
Berlin: Ullstein 1985
Ullstein Sachbuch Ullstein Buch Nr 34476 im
Verlag Ullstein GmbH Frankfurt / M.
ISBN 3 548 34476 3

Tarkovskij, Andrej
Die versiegelte Zeit. Gedanken zur Kunst, zur
Ästhetik und Poetik des Films.
Russischer Originaltitel: Sapetschatljonnoje wremja. Übersetzt von
Hans-Joachim Schlegel. Ullstein, Frankfurt/M; Berlin, 1996, 252 pages.
ISBN 3-548-35640-0 (see also ISBN 3-548-34476-3 above).
cover scan

Tarkovski, Andrei
De Verzegelde Tijd (Sapetschatljonnoje Vremja).
Beschouwingen over de filmkunst. 224 pages, 1991.
Groningen, Historische Uitgeverij, 1986.
Dutch version, missing the last chapter from the German version
ISBN 90-6554-031-8
cover scan

Tarkowski, Andriej
Czas utrwalony (Zapieczatlonnoje wremia).
Wydawnictwo Pelikan, Warszawa 1991, 175 pages.
Translated by Seweryn Kuśmierczyk
(Copyright by Larissa Tarkovskaya, Paris 1989)
ISBN 83-85045-57-0
cover scan | jacket scan

Tarkovskij, Andrej
Zapečetěný čas
(Czech edition of "Sculpting in Time")
Published by Camera obscura, Příbram, Svatá Hora 2009.
Translated from Russian and English by Michal Petříček
Hardcover (December 9, 2009), 355 pages
ISBN 80-903678-4-4

Tarkowskij, Andrej
Der Spiegel. Die Novelle und das
Arbeitstagebuch zum Film.
Novelle, Arbeitstagebucher und Materialen zur Entstehung des Films.
Aus dem Russischen von Kurt Baudisch und
Ute Spengler. Redaktion: Christiane Bertoncini. Berlin: Limes 1993. 328 S.
ISBN 3 8090 23221.

Tarkovsky, Andrei
Andrei Rublev, Faber & Faber, 1991, English
translation, ISBN 0-571-16376-9.

Tarkowski, Andrei
Hoffmanniana, Robbert-Jan Henkes & Elena Pereverzeva,
Rothschild & Bach, Amsterdam, 1991, ISBN 90 5371 006 X
Dutch translation.

Tarkovskij, Andrej
Opfer, Filmbuch, Mit Bildern von Sven Nykvist
[Tarkovskij-Edition Bd.I] Schirmer/Mosel, München, 1987
Die dem Film zugrundeliegende Erzählung von Andrej Tarkovskij
wurde von Rosemarie Tietze aus dem Russischen übertragen.
Filmprotokoll nach einer Kopie der deutschen Synchronfassung: Birgit
Mayer. Andrej Tarkovskijs Essay über seinen Film Opfer ist dem Band
Andrej Tarkovskij: Die versiegelte Zeit, 2. Auflage, Berlin, 1986, entnommen.
ISBN 3-88814-233-4.

Tarkovskij, Andrej
Hoffmanniana, Szenario für einen nicht realisierten Film,
[Tarkovskij-Edition Bd.II] Schirmer/Mosel, München, 1987
Aus dem Russischen übersetzt von Gertraude Krueger.
Mit Quellennachwiesen und Anmerkungen von Friedhelm Auhuber.
ISBN 3-88814-252-0
NOTE: On page 63 of this volume, the publisher announces the next volume
(Bd. III) for 1988: "Stalker 1979". But as far as we know, this was never published.

Tarkovsky, Andrei
The Sacrifice. A Novel. Written in San Gregorio, Italy, January to February 1984.
In Japanese. Translated by Hidenaga Ootori. Includes many photos from the movie.
126 pages, 1987. 13 cm x 19 cm. ISBN 4-309-20093-1. 1,200 Yen.
[NOTE: The novel includes the passage of Alexander's dream flight in the sky]
cover scan small | cover scan fullsize

Tarkovsky, Andrei
"Gofmaniana" In: Vitkop-Menardo, Gabriel. Hoffmann.
pp. 265-320. Ural LTD, c1999. ISBN 5-8029-0064-4, 3-499-50113-9
cover scan

Tarkovsky, Andrei
Hoffmanniana. Author: Natasha Synessios; Andrei Tarkovsky
In: Grand street, ISSN 0734-5496, vol. 17 (1999), afl. 4 (01 03), p. 81

Tarkovsky, Andrei
Time within Time: The Diaries, 1970-1986 (Review).
Author: Andrey Tarkovsky; Kitty Hunter_Blair; Denise J. Youngblood
In: Slavic review: American quarterly of Soviet and East European studies,
ISSN 0037-6779, vol. 54 (1995), afl. 3, p. 749.

Tarkovsky, Andrei
Time within Time: The Diaries, 1970-1986 (Review).
Author: Andrey Tarkovsky; Bart Testa
In: Canadian Slavonic papers, ISSN 0008-5006, vol. 37 (1995), afl. 1-2, pp. 238-239.

Tarkovsky, Andrei
Time within Time: The Diaries 1970-1986 (Review).
Author: Andrey Tarkovsky; Kitty Hunter_Blair; Josephine Woll
In: Canadian American Slavic studies: a quarterly journal devoted to
Russia and East Europe, ISSN 0090_8290, vol. 30 (1996), afl. 2-4, pp. 425-426

Tarkovskii, Andrei
Martyrolog. Dnevniki 1970–1986. [Russian]
Series "Stalker", edited by Andrei Tarkovsky [Jr.]
and Andrea Ulivi.
This volume editors: Marianna Chugunova,
Andrei Tarkovsky, Valeri Surikov
Istituto Internazionale Andrej Tarkovskij
First edition, January 2008
5000 copies
ISBN 978-88-903301-0-0
623 pages
cover scan

Tarkovskii, Andrei Arsenevich
Time Within Time: The Diaries, 1970-1986 / Andrey Tarkovsky
Translated from the Russian by Kitty Hunter-Blair. London
Faber, 1994. ISBN 0860914070
cover scan

Tarkovskij, Andrej
Diari. Martirologio 1970–1986.
Edizioni della Meridiana, 2003. 718 pages.
ISBN 88 87478 30 9
cover scan

Tarkowski, Andreï
Journal 1970-1986. (Édition définitive)
Traduit du russe par Anne Kichilov
avec la collaboration de Charles H. de Brantes.
Publ. Paris, Éditions de l'Étoile - Cahiers du Cinéma, 05/2005. 600 pages.
ISBN 2-86642-373-9
cover scan | back

Tarkowski, Andriej
Dzienniki [The Diaries]
Translated from the Russian and edited by Seweryn Kuśmierczyk.
Instytut Sztuki Polskiej Akademii Nauk, Warszawa 1998
(Copyright by Larissa Tarkovskaya 1995,
Copyright for the present Polish edition by Instytut Sztuki PAN, Warszawa 1998)
ISBN 83-85938-03-6
cover scan | back

Tarkovskij, Andrej
Martyrolog I (Volume I covers excerpts from 4-30-1970 to 12-15-1986)
Japanese Edition. Paperback 565 pages, 1991. Translated by Hidenaga Ootori.
Includes many photos. Format 15 cm x 21 cm.
ISBN 4-87376-043-7. 4,600 Yen (tax incl.)
[Vol I is based on two sources: Manuscript photocopies and the German Ed.
The Bresson comments are included.]
cover image

Tarkovskij, Andrej
Martyrolog II (Volume II covers 9-23-1981 to 12-15-1986)
Japanese Edition. Paperback 373 pages, 1993. Translated by Hidenaga Ootori.
Includes many photos, original leaves in b/w. Format 14 cm x 21 cm.
ISBN 8-7376-049-6. 3,500 Yen (tax incl.)
[Vol II is based on two sources: Russian typewritten, and the German Ed.]
cover image

Tarkovskij, Andrej
Martyrolog. Tagebücher 1970 - 1986 Berlin: Limes, 1989
ISBN 3-8090-2266-7

Tarkovskij, Andrej
Martyrolog II Tagebücher 1981 - 1986 Berlin: Limes, 1991.
ISBN 3 8090 2290 X

Tarkovskij, Andrej
Deník 1970-1986. The Diaries, Czech version.
Brno 1997, 547 pages. ISBN 80-86151-01-8.
cover image

Tarkowskij, Andrej
Andrej Rubljow. Die Novelle.
Aus dem Russischen von Ute Spengler.
Redaktion: Christiane Bertoncini. Berlin: Limes 1992. 279 S. ISBN 3 8090 2319 1.

Tarkovskij, Andrej
Andrej Rubljow: Filmtext und Dokumente
Freunde der Deutschen Kinemathek, Berlin, 1969, H. 41, 112 p.
Redaktion: Gregor, Erika / Gregor, Ulrich.
Beiträge: Lurje, J. / Lebedewa, J.A.
Berlin: Selbstverlag, 1969.
front | contents | colofon

Tarkovskij, Andrej
"Luce istantanea"
a cura di Giovanni Chiaramonte e Andrej A. Tarkovskij,
introduzione di Tonino Guerra.
Edizioni della Meridiana, Firenze 2002
ISBN 88-87478-54-6

Tarkovsky, Andrei Arsenevich
Time Within Time - The Diaries, 1970-1986 / Andrei Tarkovsky,
translated from the Russian by Kitty Hunter-Blair. Seagull
Books, Calcutta, India, English translation 1991,
ISBN 81-7046-083-2.
cover image

Tarkovsky, Arseny
"Life, Life: Selected Poems"
Translated and edited by Virginia Rounding
Arseny Tarkovsky is the neglected Russian poet, father of the acclaimed film
director Andrei Tarkovsky. This new book gathers together many of
Tarkovsky's most lyrical and heartfelt poems, in Rounding's clear, new
translations. Many of Tarkovsky's poems appeared in his son's films, such as
Mirror, Stalker, Nostalghia and The Sacrifice. There is an introduction by
Rounding, and a bibliography of both Arseny and Andrei Tarkovsky.
Bibliography and notes 85pp ISBN 1-86171-037-2 #6.49 / $10.00
Published 2000, by Crescent Moon, U.K. (

Tarkovskij, Arsenij Aleksandrovic
Arseni Tarkowski
Auswahl: Katja Lebedewa ; übertr. von André Debüser ... et al.
Neues Leben, Berlin, 1989. 31 p, ill.
ISBN 3-355-00901-6

Tarkovskij, Arsenij Aleksandrovic
Auf der anderen Seite des Spiegels
Hrsg. von Katja Lebedewa und Christina Links ;
mit einem Nachw. von Katja Lebedewa ; nachgedichtet von Johannes Bialucha ... et al.
Russian and German
Volk und Welt, Berlin, 1990. 209 p: ill., facs
ISBN 3-353-00625-7

Tarkovsky, Andrei
Andrei Roublev, Les Editeurs Francais Réunis, Paris, 1970
Content:- La Russie d'Andrei Roublev(1360-1430), L. & J.Schnitzler - Tarkovsky parle
de son film(interview juillet 1969, Moscou) - Scénario littéraire du film Andrei Roublev

Tarkovskij, Arsenij Aleksandrovic 1907-1989; Theo Maarten van Lint 1957-
Gedichten / Arsenij Tarkovskij (keuze, vert. uit het Russisch en naw.
van Theo Maarten van Lint). Stichting De Lantaarn, Leiden, 1984.
Cahiers van De Lantaarn ; no. 32, 62 p
Dutch and Russian

Tarkovski, Larissa
"Andrei Tarkovski" - Calmann-Lévy 1998, French, Hard Cover, Coffee-table (Album) format.
Contains many pictures, taken throughout AT's life both in b/w and color. 160 pages.
ISBN 2-7021-2660-X
cover image

Tarkovskaya, Marina
"Oskolki zerkala" (Pieces of the Mirror), in "Soglasye"
1992 (1) pp. 126-138, 1993 (1) pp. 91-95, 102-104, 106-108, 110-113.
Also published in book form - see next entries.

Tarkowskaja, Marina
Splitter des Spiegels - Die Familie des Andrej Tarkowski.
Shortened translation of Oskolki Zerkala (Dedalus Verlag, Moskau, 1999, see below), by Martina Mrochen.
edition ebersbach, Berlin, 2003, blue notes 16, 155 pages.
ISBN 3-934703-59-3.
cover image | blurb | colofon

Tarkovskaya, Marina
Oskolki Zerkala. (Pieces of Mirror). Dedalus Publishers. 1999, 287 pages.
ISBN 5-93154-001-6.
cover image

Tarkovskaya, Marina
Oskolki Zerkala. (Pieces of Mirror). Second expanded edition. Vagrius, Moscow 2006, 415 pages.
ISBN 5-9696-0150-5.
cover image

Tarkovskaya, Marina (ed.)
About Andrei Tarkovsky: Memoirs and Biographies
Compiled by Marina Tarkovskaya; translated from the
Russian "O Tarkovskom". Moscow : Progress Publishers, 1990. Memoirs and
biographies. English translation ISBN 5-01-001973-6.
cover image | Table of Contents Pg 1 | Table of Contents Pg 2
NOTE: See the next entry on differences between the English and
Russian version of the book.

Tarkovskaya, Marina (ed.)
O Tarkovskom
Russian original of the above "About Andrei Tarkovsky: Memoirs and Biographies"
Compiled by Marina Tarkovskaya; Moscow: Progress, 1989.
Differences between the Russian version and the English translation:
(a) The Russian version is missing Anosova's Flashbacks
(b) The English version is missing Feiginova's
Pyat' Filmov s Tarkovskim (Five Films with Tarkovsky)
(c) The Russian version is missing Frederick Love's The Making of
"The Sacrifice"

(d) The English version is missing Michal Leszczylowski's
One Year with Andrei Tarkovsky
cover image

Tarkovskaya, Marina (ed.)
O Tarkovskom (new edition)
Expanded version of the above. In 2 Volumes.
Compiled by Marina Tarkovskaya; Moscow, 2002.
Format 84x108/16. Soft cover. 560 pages. 2000 copies printed. ISBN 5-93154-003-2.
This new version includes Kurosawa's article (and more new material),
but is still missing the Anosova piece.
cover image | toc I | toc II | specs

Testaments by Andrei Tarkovsky
Yuichi Konno, Atelier Peyotl (ed.). Various writers. In: WAVE No. 26.
Collection of selected writings, lectures (excerpts), and criticism. In Japanese.
Japanese and foreign writers. Several b/w phots. Incl. bibliography.
168 pages 15 cm x 21 cm, 1989. 951 Yen, plus 5% tax.
[NOTE: Includes Tarkovsky's July 1984 London lecture on the Apocalypse]
cover scan | bibliography | sources of Tarkovsky remarks

Tullio, Masoni and Vecchi Paolo
Andrej Tarkovskij, Il Castoro, Italy.
Milano : Editrice Il castoro, 1997, 133 p. ; 17 cm.
ISBN: 88-8033-082-9

Turovskaya, Maya
"7 1/2 ili Filmy Andreia Tarkovskovo"
Isskustvo, Moscow 1991, ISBN 5-210-00279-9
cover scan / book in electronic form

Turovskaia, Maiia Iosifovna.
Tarkovsky: Cinema as Poetry / Maya Turovskaya ; translated
by Natasha Ward; edited and with an introduction by Ian
Christie. [Rev. ed.]. London; Boston: Faber and Faber, 1989.
Hardcover - 177 pages (April 1990), ISBN 0-571-14709-7.

Turowskaja, Maja Josifowna / Felicitas Allardt-Nostitz
Andrej Tarkowskij. Film als Poesie - Poesie als Film. Bonn: Keil Verlag 1981

Vacche, Angela Dalle
Andrei Tarkovsky's Andrei Rublev - Cinema as the Restoration of Icon Painting
In Cinema and Painting (How Art is used in Film). pp. 135-160 (chapter 5)
Athlone, London, 1996

Volkova, P.D. (Director of the "AT Foundation" in Moscow)
Arseny Tarkovsky. Life and History of the Tarkovskys
Moscow, EKSMO-Press, 2002, 224 pp., ISBN 5-04-010283-6.
Contains new documents and notes about the Tarkovskys' family tree.
The book is illustrated by a number of historic pictures from the last century.
cover scan | See also this book

Volkova, P.D.
Arsenij i Andrej Tarkovskije
Publisher: Zebra E Moskva 2004 383 pages ISBN 5-94663-117-9
cover scan

Widding, Astrid Söderbergh,
Gränsbilder. Det dolda rummet hos Tarkovskij,
Akademisk avhandling ved Stockholms Universitet, 1992 (Dissertation, Stockholm University).
151 pages. Widding home page.

Yevlampiev, Igor
Khudozhestvennnaya Filosofiya Andreya Tarkovskogo [Art Philosophy of Andrey Tarkovsky]
Publishing House: Aleteya, St. Petersburg 2001,
349 pages, ISBN 5-89329-443-2 , The print run: 1500 copies, Format
84x108/32, Hardcover
Blurb: The book is for those interested in connection of Russian Philosophy and
Films of Andrey Tarkovsky.
cover scan

Zamperini, Paolo
Il FUOCO, l'acqua, l'ombra. Andrej Tarkovskij: il cinema fra poesia e
profezia / a cura di Paolo Zamperini. Firenze : La casa Usher, 1989
118 p. ; 24 cm.

Zorkaya, N. M., E. G. Klimov, L. N. Nekhoroshev, M. S. Chugunova (ed.)
"Mir i Filmy Andreia Tarkovskovo" ("The World and Films of Andrei Tarkovsky"),
Iskusstvo, Moscow 1991. ISBN 5-210-00150-4.
cover | cover - small version | contents pg 1 | contents pg 2 | contents pg 3

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