Selected Bibliography

Writings on specific films

The Steamroller and the Violin

Monthly Film Bulletin,
vol 48, no 569, June 1981, p.115-116, Review

Ivan's Childhood

Christie, Ian
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Monthly Film Bulletin,
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Andrei Rublev

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In Positif, no 109, October 1969, p.1-13, A pioneering interview with A.T. (French)

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Italian book, Edizioni A.I.A.C.E., Turin, 1975.
Contains rare information, particularly on the distribution
fortunes of Andrei Rublev.

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Andrej Rubljow
Journal: Zoom, 1-2-1978

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vol 58, no 685, February 1991, p.34-37. Analyses the scenes
that have appeared for the first time in the new print but were
edited out of the original British release of 1973.

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Studies in Comparative Communism,
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Analysis of socialist realism in the film.

no 261, Jan/Feb 1976, p.10-12, Review (Italian)

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A study of the use of allegory to depict the Stalininst period in
certain films from Eastern Europe (French).

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no 75/76, Apr/Jun 1970, p.5, Report on the distribution difficulties
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La pensée,
Title: Andrei Kontchalovsky et Andrei Tarkovsky: Andrei Roublev (Book Review)
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Soviet Film,
no 9, September 1965, p.18, Review

Soviet Film,
no 8, August 1965, p.10, Review

Young Cinema and Theatre,
no 8, 1965, p.16, Review


Charpentier, Franck
Solaris - La présence réelle de la fiction
Page: 8-16
Language: French
Journal: Andere Sinema, nr.99, sept-okt 1990

Deltcheva, Roumiana; Vlasov, Eduard.
"Back to the House II: On the Chronotopic and Ideological
Reinterpretation of Lem's Solaris in Tarkovsky's Film."
(author Stanislaw Lem; screenwriter Andrei Tarkovsky)
Russian Review v56, n4 (Oct, 1997):532 (18 pages).
Screenwriter Andrei Tarkovsky broadened the philosophical
message contained in Stanislaw Lem's "Solaris" in his
transposition of the novel into film using a humanist
approach in making changes to the conceptual core of the
story. He used a ring composition model in the spatial axis
of the plot development instead of the unidirectional
narrative employed by Lem. Tarkovsky made the intertextual
structure of the novel multidirectional, playing down
various themes in the book such as the role of modern
science and the Faustian culture.

Hyman, T.
"Solaris", Film Quarterly, March 1976.

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"Solaris." (movie reviews) Technology Review v94, n5 (July,
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(Andrei Tarkovsky's science fiction film "Solaris") Film
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Issue also includes articles on Wenders, Andrew Sarris
on Film criticism, Verhoeven interview, Garbo, Stanwyck,
Ava Gardner, Paul Schrader.

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On the US release of the uncut version.

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Jaeggi, U.
Journal: Zoom, 5-4-1978

Marshall, Herbert.
"Andrei Tarkovsky's THE MIRROR,"
Sight and Sound, vol 45, no 2, Spring 1976, p. 92-95.
Excellent review/essay on The Mirror.

Petric, Vlada.
"Tarkovsky's Dream Imagery." Film Quarterly v43, n2
(Winter, 1989):28 (7 pages).
Through a combination of slow motion and tracking shots,
Tarkovskij achieves a nontraditional form of dream
representation, notably in "Zerkalo" and "Stalker".

Reynaud, Berenice.
"Tarkovsky: Seeing is Believing." (director Olivier
Assayas)(Andrei Tarkovsky)(Interview) Sight and Sound v7,
n1 (Jan, 1997):24 (2 pages).
Film director Olivier Assayas asserts that Andrei
Tarkovsky's film "The Mirror" reminds him of his childhood
as it transcends the dramatic structure of cinema by
focusing on the relationship between perception and memory.
Assayas feels that the scene in "The Mirror" where a bird
flies over a boy's head is a reconstruction of the famous
Brueghel painting "Winter." Assayas believes that his
perception of winter and cold weather is something that he
shares with Tarkovsky.

Wright, Alan
"A Wrinkle in Time: The Child, Memory, and The Mirror."Wide
Angle XVIII/1, Jan 96; p.47-68. illus., bibliogr.
Considers Tarkovskij's use of memory as a device in

Film und Fernsehen,
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Film Quarterly,
vol 43, no 2, Winter 1989/90, p.28-34, An article on the dream imagery in
Andrei Tarkovsky's films, particularly Mirror and Stalker.

vol 107, no 2747, 11 Feb 1982, Gavin Miller comments on the film.

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2 Feb 1977, p.24, Review

Film (BFFS),
no 27, Jan/Feb 1961, p.8-9, Article from by Novosti Press Agency (English)

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no 3, 1957, p.16-17, Review (English)


Eichenberger, A.
Journal: Zoom, 6-6-1984

Green, Peter.
"The Nostalgia of the Stalker,"
Sight and Sound, vol 54, no 1, Winter 1984/85 p. 50-54, Discussion of Stalker
and Nostalghia, and Tarkovsky's search for "home."

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Interview about plans for Stalker, Iskusstvo Kino 3, 7, 1977, p. 116-118.

Avant-Scene du Cinema,
no 427, December 1993, Entire Issue (French). Article, detailed credits,
script (in French), as well as reviews in the French press.

v26, no 7, July 1992, p.27-29 (Polish) "Theorist in the cinema: problems
of adaptations" - STALKER An examination of the differences between the
book and the film.

Film Quarterly,
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imagery in Andrei Tarkovsky's films, particularly Mirror and Stalker.

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comment on Tarkovsky's treatment of their script.

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19 Sep 1979, p.19, Review

no 1535, 13 Jun 1979, p.85-87, Interview (French)

Soviet Film,
no 4, 1977, p.20-21, Review


Mitchell, Tony
"Tarkovsky in Italy." (Interview). Sight & Sound LII/1,
Winter 82-83; p.54-56.
A.T. discusses his work, the current state of cinema, and
the film "Nostalgia" he is making in Italy.

Makolkina, Anna.
"A Nostalgic Vision of Tarkovsky's Nostalgia." In: Before
the Wall came down : Soviet and East European filmmakers
working in the West / edited by Graham Petrie, Ruth
Dwyer.pp: 215-221. Lanham, Md.: University Press of
America, c1990.

Mitchell, Tony
"Andrei Tarkovsky and Nostalghia." Film Criticism VIII/3,
Spring 84; p.2-11. illus.
Discusses various themes, influences and autobiographical
qualities in "Nostalgia".

Strick, Philip
"Nostalghia (Nostalgia)." (Review). Monthly Film Bulletin
L/599, Dec 83; p.336-337.

Tarkovskij, Andrej and Hoberman, J.
" Between Two Worlds." American Film IX/2, Nov 83;
p.14,75-79. illus.
A brief introductory biography precedes Soviet director
A.T.'s discussion of the evolution of "Nostalghia".

Bianco e Nero,
vol 47, no 4, Oct/Dec 1986, p.95-101, Review (Italian)

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and Tarkovsky's search for "home."

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an emphasis on Nostalghia.

no 38, Mar/Apr 1984, p.3-8, German transcript of press conference
given by Tarkovsky at the 1983 Cannes festival about the film.

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The Sacrifice

Christensen, Peter G.
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Soviet and East-European Drama, Theatre and Film vol. 7 no.
2-3. 1987 Dec. pp: 31-39.

Giralt, Gabriel
Krieg auf der Leinwand - War on the Screen - Images of War in Andrei
Tarkovsky's The Sacrifice. Four levels of meaning, inference and rhetoric in
the interpretation of the film
Journal: Krieg und Literatur: internationale Beiträge zur Erforschung der
Kriegs- und Antikriegsliteratur, Vol.3, pp 1087-1094, 1999. ISSN: 0935-9060

Green, Peter.
Sight and Sound, vol 56, no 2, Spring 1987 p. 111-118, Excellent, carefully
argued analysis.

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Sacrifice." In: Before the Wall came down : Soviet and East
European filmmakers working in the West / edited by Graham
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Press of America, c1990.

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p.42-43. illus., cred.

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by Lejla Alexander (Polish). English translation.

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making of Sacrificio.

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and producer Anna-Lena Wibom.

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Cahiers du Cinema,
no 386, Jul/Aug 1986, p. 12-13, Review (French)

Cahiers du Cinema,
no 386.Jul/Aug 1986, p. 14-15, Series of stills from the central sequence of the film.

no 120, June 1986, p. 68, Review (French)

no 304, June 1986, p. 24-26, Review (French)

Cahiers du Cinema,
no 385, June 1986, p. 14-17, Review (French)

no 204, June 1986, p. 150-153, Review (Swedish)

Film Francais,
no 2089, 16 May 1986, p. 10, Credits and synopsis (French)

14 May 1986, p. 14, Review

Scandinavian Film News,
vol 6, no 1, May 1986, p. 1- Excerpt from a diary written during shooting.
[The diary is written by Lars-Olof Löthwall, and is found in its entirety
on this ( site; Follow this link. -- The Webmasters]

no 303, May 1986, p. 3-12, Background (French)
p. 3-5: "A propos du Sacrifice" by Andrei Tarkovsky (Propos inedits d'Andrei
Tarkovski recueillis a Paris le 15 mars 1986 et traduits du russe par
Annie Epelboin). English Translation.
[Tarkovsky: "In this film, I show one of the aspects of this struggle if one
lives in society, and that is the Christian conception of self-sacrifice".]

no 1864, 2 Oct 1985, p. 22-25, Production report with comments from Tarkovsky (French)

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vol 288, n14, 13 Aug 1985, p. 41, Credits

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no 14, 9 Mar 1984, p. 10, Note (German)

Film og Kino,
no 4, 1966, p. 9-10, Review (Norsk)

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