Claudio Abbado/Boris Godunov related photographs

Andrei and Claudio Abbado (1983)

Covent Garden. Tarkovsky's Boris Godunov production. See also this file, from the Homages section of

Claudio and Andrei

Andrei and Claudio Abbado

Taken from page 130 of Claudio Abbado Dirigent. Photo by Cordula Groth.

Boris Godunov

At Covent Garden. A Tarkovsky/Abbado collaboration.

Boris: Anatolij Kotscherga

Fjodor: Gabriele Sima

The Cast

This is not the Covent Garden cast, but rather the cast of the Japan performances. They were held on 2, 25 and 30 Sept. 1994, at the NHK Hall, Tokyo. Re: main casts for the London and the Vienna performances, see 1983, and click volume 3 on the left to see 1991.

October 6, 1991: Performance to celebrate the opening of the Andrei Tarkovsky Festival in Vienna

This Vienna production is the identical to the one at Covent Garden in 1982. Under the enthusiastic initiative of Maestro Claudio Abbado, the Festival was composed of Tarkovsky's films, exhibitions, concerts, poetry readings, and symposia, in addition to the opera production. It was the Maestro's farewell to Vienna's music lovers, for he had already decided to leave the post of Music Director at the Vienna State Opera. Image Source: Wiener Staatsoper by Masayoshi Iwashita ISBN4-276-38452-4, Ongakunotomosha 1994.

Andrei Tarkovsky Festival arranged by Claudio Abbado

Vienna, 6-31 October, 1991

From the 1991 Vienna Production

Source: Wiener Staatsoper by Masayoshi Iwashita ISBN4-276-38452-4, Ongakunotomosha 1994.

Letter by von Einem on the occasion of the 1991 Vienna State Opera production

Gottfriet von Einem is an Austrian composer (1918-1996) [ website | bio ]

Boris, probably Vienna

Monologue and death of Boris. 15 minutes of agony and pain.

Mother and Child Icon is prepared for the Tarkovsky production

Probably in Vienna. Photo is from page 65, Wiener Staatsoper in Japan 1994, published by NBS. Note size of person in image.

Claudio Abbado: Dirigent

Nicolai verlag, 2003. ISBN 3-89479-090-3. 200 pages. Many photos. Also available in Italian. Includes a CD of Tristan und Isolde Vorspiel zum 1. Aufzug, Isoldes Liebestod. Berliner Philharmoniker & Claudio Abbado; sound source from DG.

Wiener Staatsoper in Japan (October, 1994)

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Boris Godunov on DVD (Philips 2002)

NOTE: this is the Gergiev production (not Abbado)
rear | notes on Tarkovsky by Irina Brown

Boris Godunov on VHS (Decca 1993)

NOTE: this is the Gergiev production (not Abbado)
notes on Tarkovsky by Irina Brown

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