The following production stills are Press Photos. Originals are kept in Mosfilm archives. These were provided to us by Alex Asp, from his private collection — they may also be found on RusCiCo's Solaris DVD. All Copyrights are owned by the Information and Consultative Center of the Mosfilm Cinema Concern. The center is headed by Ms. Gayane Ambarzumyan; press inquiries should be directed to telephone +7(095)143-92 25 or +7(095)143-92 72, Moscow. wishes to thank Mosfilm for making this unique material available.

Donatas Banionis, Tamara Ogorodnikova and Vera Rudina

In Zvenigorod. Make-up artist Vera Rudina.

Andrei Tarkovsky and Donatas Banionis

Rehearsing the scene in Gibarian's room.

Tarkovsky, Banionis and Bondarchuk

Rehearsing the arrival of "Khari I"...

Tarkovsky, kids and dog

On location in Zvenigorod.

Tarkovsky, Yusov and Banionis

Rehearsing Kris' first sleep on Solaris.

Tarkovsky, Yusov, Shvedov, Bondarchuk, Barnet

Tarkovsky, Yusov, Vladimir Shvedov (Yusov's assistant), Natalia Bondarchuk and Olga Barnet (Mother) rehearsing Kris' nightmare scene.

Tarkovsky, Shvedov and Bondarchuk

...and unidentified crew member behind the camera in Zvenigorod, re-shooting.


Rehearsing Burton's report scene. The book on the table is an approved shooting script.

Yusov and Shvedov

Preparing the shot.

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