The Lars-Olof Löthwall Gallery: Color Photos

NOTE: All photos © Lars-Olof Löthwall and the Swedish Film Institute. They are reproduced here with the kind permission of the photographer. None of the photographs on this page may be reproduced in any form without the written permission of the Copyright holder, Lars-Olof Löthwall. The photographs may not be altered in any way (this includes cropping, flipping and resizing). Please read and adhere to site policies.

Witnessing the fire — second take

Filming the fire — second take

The house(s)...

Andrei holding up a cast/crew-autographed copy of above photograph

(Scan of a photograph personally autographed by Andrei, presented to me by a dear friend. –Trond)

Andrei and the houses

Sven Nykvist

Owe Svensson (sound) and Andrei

Sven and Andrei

Please read and adhere to site policies.

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