The Lars-Olof Löthwall Gallery: Black & White Photos

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Andrei, Susan Fleetwood, Sven Nykvist, Erland Josephson

Andrei, interpreter Layla Alexander outside the House

A happy Tarkovsky

Shooting the miniature house

Around the camera I

Andrei, together with Sven and the grip Daniel Bergman, son of Ingmar and today himself a director.

Around the camera II

From the last day of shooting

Also from the last day

Andrei and Little Man, Tommy Kjellqvist

Maestro Tarkovsky...

Also seen here is Chris Marker on the set of One Day in the Life of Andrei Arsenevich.

Almost there...

Sven Nykvist, assistant cameraman Lasse Karlsson, Layla Alexander, Daniel Bergman and Andrei

When The House got lost; left Producer Anna-Lena Wibom (SFI).

Chris Marker

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Chris Marker paid a visit. Undoubtedly one of the few photos of Chris in existence—and most definitely the best one of the lot. Lars-Olof had to promise Chris to wait a long time before publishing the photo; he gave it to 17 years later.

Portrait I

Portrait II

Portrait III

Portrait IV

"I really liked his friendly face."   –Lars-Olof

Portrait V

Portrait VI

A Master in the Rain...

"Do as I want, please!"


"We admired him — and he us!"   –Lars-Olof

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