This is an English translation of the CD cover insert notes on the Daibosatsu tune from the Dohso CD. Daibosatsu can be heard in The Sacrifice when Alexander sets his house on fire. The notes were translated for Nostalghia.com by Kimitoshi Sato, Japan.

The tune Daibosatsu is a harmony of sound currents created out of a great union of human being in spirit and body and bamboo being in great nature. This was initiated around the time when Shuso was over twenty years old.

The ground design of Daibosatsu is an embodiment of the way of nature laws of Watazumido. The feature of the music may be described as the music which has negated music itself: sheer exercise of its uniqueness. This tune is the most difficult of the difficult: the most unattainable of the unattainable. This is truly referred as the one and only legacy passed on to humanity.

To master Daibosatsu you have to get familiar with the tunes of Reiho to begin with, and next the tunes of Satsuji, in which spirit you have to live in your whole bing. And afterwards you have to get it through to the pure spirit of Daibosatsu. If you work truly hard to attain this stage, you will find it awfully hard to penetrate to its essence. Until today a great many pupils have tried hard to learn it, but in vain. Shuso is the only one who has attained this highest stage, with nobody its successor.

The hocchiku musical instrument is also hard to find for the Daibosatsu performance, because the instrument must be both delicate and tough enough. Even if Shuso wants to play the piece, he finds himself in trouble for finding the suitable intrument. For this recording session he singled out a strong bamboo instrument as long as about 73 centimeters among his dozens of bamboos. While Shuso was playing the tune, it was blown very hard and, inspired by the holy breath, it broke and was rendered useless in an instant, but with the result of a glimpse of the Daibosatsu stage in spirit. end block

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