KIRLIAN CROSSING: kirlian crossing

Verdura Records, April 15, 2005
Catalogue#: Verdu-15

Self titled debut album. Artwork by Mustakahvi.

CD Cover - Front


From the website:

"The concept of Kirlian Crossing is Ilai Rämä and Teemu Sinkko.

"Kirlian refers to Kirlian photography and crossing is a place where you get across. That is what we choose to do.

"The original idea was to combine acoustic folk songs into soviet union era science fiction in Tarkovsky spirit. It's uncertain where we got lost. The things we've done don't fill the definition. Maybe we're still in between.

"We've been building microphones and effects. We've used Soviet made technology and Russian microphones. We've gone by channeling sessions, books, cinema. Eventually we've counterfeited UFO footage and looked the world through pinhole cameras.

"We are the chance of a dog wandering into the scene in Stalker.

"Believe me baby, We've done questionable things."

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