Cinema Classics: Andrei Tarkovsky

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Japan Only. Classical music used in Tarkovsky's films. [ biographical | contents ]

Watazumido Dohso (a.k.a. Shuso)

A recital Chirashi is shown on the left
Dohso's shakuhachi (a.k.a. hotchiku/hocchiku, Japanese bamboo flute) music was used in The Sacrifice. The pieces used were: Shingetsu, Nezasa No Shirabe, and Dai-Bosatsu. These are included on the second CD below, as tracks number 8, 9, and 10. Also included on the Everest Group LP, Catalogue No. 3289, below, now out of print.
rear of chirashi
Dohso's 1st CD — rare, only 1000 copies ever made
Dohso's 2nd CDFront | Rear ]
Shuso Everest Group No. 3289 LP record

Locklåtar från Dalarna och Härjedalen

Swedish "kulning" folk music, used in The Sacrifice (e.g., the distant "ethereal" woman singing). Andrei used Sveriges Radio Records, Catalogue No. RELP 5017. A limited edition CD has been produced for — CD-R copy available to serious researchers upon request to webmasters.
Contents of Record [PDF] [Folk Music Database]
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–Sample: Tr.06/A3: Shepherdess' Call at Dawn [mp3]
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Solaris Official Soundtrack LP

Electronic score by Eduard Artemiev and the Electronic Music Experiment Studio Ensemble

alternate scan

Edward Artemiev: Solaris, The Mirror, Stalker (1999)

Electroshock Records ELCD 012.

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Eduard Artemiev: Solaris, Mirror, Stalker

Frontdyk Music, Torso Kino 1990

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CD Vol. 1: Ivanovo Detstvo

Toei Music Publishing (Japan)

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CD Vol. 2: Andrey Rublyov

Toei Music Publishing (Japan)

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CD Vol. 3: Solaris

Toei Music Publishing (Japan)

E. Artemyev & Vyacheslav Ovchinnikov.
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CD Vol. 4: Zerkalo/Stalker

Toei Music Publishing (Japan)

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Boris Godunov

SONY S3K 58 977 (3 CDs DDD)

Conducted by Claudio Abbado. Recorded at the Philarmonie, Berlin, November 7 – 30, 1993. Cover is from the Wernicke, Salzburg Festival production in 1994. The conductor states that the bell is directly inspired by Andrei Rublov [ rear ].

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