The Geography of Nostalghia Japan correspondent Kimitoshi Sato, a member of the now defunct Andrey Tarkovsky's Society of Japan, has provided some geographical information that should be helpful to those wanting to visit the various locations that were used during the shooting of Nostalghia.

From top to bottom, black marks A, B, C and D are keyed to the photos. A indicates Monterchi, where we find Madonna del parto by Piero della Franscesca. Arrezo is indicatred by the ring close to Monterchi. B indicates San Galgano near Siena, where the Abbazia di S. Galgano ruins are found. The Abbey was built in the 13th century. C points to Bagno Vignoni where the Spa is located, in the vicinity of Santa Caterina. D indicates Tuscania.

Photo Reference: Andrei Tarkovsky Japanese Photobook 1989, ISBN4-8261-0124-4.

For a more complete guide, please refer to this this page.

Kimitoshi Sato of the Japanese Andrei Tarkovsky Society kindly provided with an English translation of the above map.

A map of Central Italy.

Reference: Reports of Andrey Tarkovsky's Society of Japan, No 1.

A blowup of the interesting part of the above map. Some relevant names have been circled.

Top: the actual painting in Basilica di San Pietro, which Andrei replaced with the della Francesca Maria in shooting Nostalghia. Bottom: Basilica di San Pietro as seen from the city of Tuscania, near Viterbo.

The vertical (mixed kanji/hiragana) lettering quotes Tarkovsky: Only one journey is possible: a journey made into the inner world.

Photo Reference: Andrei Tarkovsky Japanese Photobook 1989, ISBN4-8261-0124-4.

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