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The Sacrifice

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The Sacrifice

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This material is reproduced by Nostalghia.com with the kind permission of Assistant Director Kerstin Eriksdotter.
Only translated in part. Translation work remains to be done.
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Tarkovsky sketch. Anna Asp says that this sketch came about during a discussion on the topic of what Alexander's study was supposed to look like. Andrei's idea was to have the walls covered by fragments of wallpaper,... kind of like a quilt.
AT skiss vardagsrum för att visa hur mycket som ska kunna synas i en helbild: golv med speglingar från fönster, hela fönsterväggen och en bit av taket. Människa i helfigur. Rät vinkel.
AT skiss övervåningen på huset Närsholmen. Verandan utanför. Nånting med hur det skulle byggas och vad man skulle se. Hur mycket golv man måste se och egentligen hur stabilt det skulle byggas för att hålla folk och utrustning. Det var nån konflikt där. Han kunde inte uttrycka sig klart. Eller om vi frågade på fel sätt.

"A.T. sketch of the upstairs floor of the Narsholmen house. The balcony outside. Something about how it was to be built, and what one was supposed to be able to see. How much of the floor one was supposed to see, and really how stable it should be built to be able to support crew and equipment. There was some conflict over that issue. AT couldn't clearly express himself. Or maybe we asked the wrong questions. – Kerstin Eriksdotter"
Tarkovsky sketch "City with Crowd of People" - which later became the steps by Tunnelgatan (Tunnel St.). Incidentally, where Olof Palme's murderer fled.
City with Crowd: Assistant Director's notes on the above scene. Full translation to appear later. Last line reads: "The atmosphere must be one of DISASTER!!!"