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Andrei Tarkovsky speaks about his own movies

"I'm interested in the problem of inner freedom..." The Stockholm 1985 Interview — for the first time in English.
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Tarkovsky, Between Two Films (1962)
Tarkovsky on Andrei Rublov (compiled by
Tarkovsky on Andrei Rublov (compiled by R. Bird)
An Unpublished Interview with Andrei Tarkovsky, on Andrei Rublov (1967)
Tarkovsky and Lem on Solaris (1971—1987)
Tarkovsky on Solaris (1973)
Tarkovsky on The Sacrifice
Tarkovsky talks to Guerra, with emphasis on Stalker (1979)
Tarkovsky on Nostalghia (1980)
Tarkovsky interviewed by Maurizio Porro, on Nostalghia (Cannes, 1983)
Tarkovsky interviewed by Natalia Aspesi, on Nostalghia (Cannes, 1983)
Tarkovsky talks to Gideon Bachmann, on Nostalghia (1982)


Tarkovsky on Various Topics

On acting, in theater vs. film
On the problem with film-school education
On the concept of symbols
On screenwriters vs. directors
On color vs. black-and-white cinema
On sundry topics
Tarkovsky on some film-related topics
Tarkovsky's Top-Ten Movies List (1972)
Tarkovsky in Italy: The Current State of Cinema (1982)
Tarkovsky in London: The Responsibility of the Artist
"The longer I work in cinema the more convinced I am that this domain of art is not ruled by any laws. I do not even attempt to find them... Everything is possible."
From item 48 of the Tolstoy Complex bibliography


Remembering their work with Tarkovsky...

Michal Leszczylowski: Remembrance
Layla Alexander Garrett: Andrey Tarkovsky — Enigma and Mystery
Lars-Olof Löthwall: Daily Rounds with Andrej Tarkovskij
Sven Nykvist in conversation with Dr. Bengt Forslund on the shooting of The Sacrifice
Giuseppe Lanci: A Testimony
Vadim Yusov: To Understand the Essence of Creation
Mark Le Fanu: Vadim Yusov in London


DVD and other media

Tarkovsky on DVD
The Sacrifice Redux: A look at three DVDs
Our DVD Recommendations
The trouble with TV "overscan"
FAQ: Help! I can't get rid of my RusCiCo subtitles!
FAQ: Should I buy the PAL or the NTSC version?
We look at The Steamroller and the Violin DVD
Mark Rance on the Criterion Edition Andrei Rublov
We reflect upon the new Mirror DVD from RusCiCo
Soundtrack recordings
Soundtrack for The Sacrifice
"I believe cinema's future lies in liberating it from the costly, gigantic techno-administrative machinery. This is no utopia: photo printing technology has already made tremendous strides. I believe making a film will soon be like writing a novel on the typewriter."
From item 64 of the Tolstoy Complex bibliography



Bahringer: La Jetée & The Sacrifice: Memory and the Persistence of Time Travel
Baranov: In Search of Faith
Bergman: On Andrei Tarkovsky
Bird: Gazing into Time: Tarkovsky and Post-Modern Cinema Aesthetics
Carrère: On Stalker
Chiaramonte: The Image as Remembrance
Dorn: Brakhage Pans Telluride Gold
Federovsky: From an interview with Tarkovsky
Gazda: Paradjanov's Collage
Gordon: Student Years
Green: Apocalypse & Sacrifice
Green: Andrei Tarkovsky (1932-1986)
Guerra: A Fond Farewell
Iskusstvo Kino: Letters to the Zone
Lazarev: Historical documentation on Andrei Rublev (compiled by R. Bird)
Macgillivray: Andrei Tarkovsky's Madonna del Parto
Norton: Stalking the Stalker
Pardo: The Italian Solaris
Polin: Stalker's meaning in terms of temporality and spatial relations  
Quandt: The Poetry of Apocalypse
Romadin: On Film and Painting
Roqueñí: From man's vision to art's vision
Sartre: Discussion on the criticism of Ivan's Childhood
Schillaci: The evolution of form in Andrei Tarkovsky's films (written for
Schillaci: Elevation and emptiness: The dialogues of Andrej Rublëv and Stalker (Updated Sept. 2022)
Trotzig: A Picture-World in Itself
Tyrkin: In Stalker Tarkovsky foretold Chernobyl
Wishard: An Attempt at Universal Subjectivity  
Yankovsky: How we shot the "Inextinguishable Candle" scene
Le Fanu & Laird: The Tarkovsky Family Background



The VGIK Student Shorts (see also below interview)
Arsenii Tarkovsky's Poems Used in Tarkovsky's Films (new translations by Nemser and Skakov)
An Interview with Marina Tarkovskaia and Alexander Gordon
Andrei Tarkovsky's VGIK Grade Transcript
Irma Raush Filmography
The Geography of Nostalghia (brief version)
The Geography of Nostalghia (full version)
The Geography of Sacrifice
The Geography of Solaris (Japan locations)
The Geography of Stalker (offsite)
The last letter to father
Andrei Tarkovsky and Ukraine (summary)
At the Castle Doors (summary)
Opening credits snapshots: Two editions of Martyrolog — an informal comparison 
An overview of the Russian edition
The Passion According to Andrei: full transcription of the dialogue
The Trivia Page [ under preparation ]


Tarkovsky and Japan

Abdusalamov: On Japanese Influences
Kurosawa: A Dream is a Genius
Kurosawa: Tarkovsky was a Real Poet (1987)
Kurosawa: Tarkovsky and Solaris
Sato: Kurosawa — Tarkovsky Timeline
Sato: Tarkovsky In Memoriam
Trondsen and Sato: The Japanese Betrayal
Yamada: Promising Russian Movie Director is Kurosawa's Biggest Fan (1963)


Tributes and Homages

and/OAR: Another Kind Of Language: dedicated to Andrei Tarkovsky
Claudio Abbado: Hommage à Andrei Tarkovsky
Shavkat Abdusalamov: In Memory of Andrei Tarkovsky
Ryoko Adachi, et al.: ZONE
Jacques Burtin: Le Temps scellé and other works
Gerardo Dirié: Tu casa o este océano
Jan Garbarek: All Those Born With Wings
Jon Hassell, Harold Budd and Gavin Bryars: La Nouvelle Sérénité
Kirlian Crossing: Kirlian Crossing
Luigi Nono: No hay caminos, hay que caminar...
Arvo Pärt: Arbos
Toru Takemitsu: Nostalghia
Stevan Kovac Tickmayer: Spes
Delia Whitbread: Stained Glass Window
Hans Vandekerckhove: Stalking Hiëronymus


Tidbits from our News Archives

Criterion on Solaris (DVD)
Ebert and Rosenbaum on Tarkovsky
Filmmaker David Tausik on Tarkovsky
The RusCiCo Stalker thread
RusCiCo Mirror thread [ under preparation ] (The letter from RusCiCo)
Problematic shot transitions...


Featured Books

Zona, by Geoff Dyer
Book of Andrei Tarkovsky's Mirror
Luce istantanea — Book of Tarkovsky Polaroids
Tarkovsky vs. Tarkovsky — by Olga Surkova, a preview


Other, More or Less Related Directors

Mikhail Lemkhin: There is no Return to Anywhere (Interview with Otar Ioseliani)
Chris Kelly: Visiting the Tomb of History: Chris Marker's Le Tombeau d'Alexandre Review of Alexandr Sokurov DVDs Confession/Spiritual Voices

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