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Tue Aug 31 21:03:04 MDT 2010 Split off the 2008 News section.
Sat Mar 20 02:31:29 PDT 2010 Minor fixes on the Witch page.
Thu Aug 6 01:18:09 PDT 2009 Added dialogue transcription for Andrei Passion.
Mon Jun 23 17:18:57 PDT 2008 Redirected some of the dead links on the links page to
Sun Jun 15 03:21:37 PDT 2008 Added review of the Russian ed. of Martyrolog.
Fri Apr 18 13:13:17 PDT 2008 Added a link to this article to the Topics page.
Mon Nov 6 23:37:43 PST 2006 Added Igor Kondrashov's article plus added photographs from the location of Stalker to James Norton's article.
Fri Oct 13 16:34:38 PDT 2006 Added James Norton's article, linked from the Topics page, usw. usw.
Thu May 25 22:52:44 PDT 2006 Replaced with better frame grabs at furore.html.
Sat May 20 02:10:36 PDT 2006 Added a Martyrolog comparison page.
Wed May 17 00:46:14 PDT 2006 Added bibliographical entries for second expanded editions of M. Tarkovskaya's "Oskolki zerkala" and O. Surkova's "Tarkovski i ya" on the bibliography page.
Sun Nov 20 17:48:02 PST 2005 s/Italianoleggio/Italnoleggio/ on tempo.html.
Sun Oct 30 11:18:10 PST 2005 Added Greg Polin's text Stalker's meaning in terms of temporality and spatial relations.
Sat Mar 19 21:32:17 MST 2005 DVD_Recommendations.html: Updated this page.
Sat Mar 19 18:07:06 MST 2005 Solaris_Stills.html: Added 5 press stills, donated by Jon Lynden.
Mon Mar 14 21:43:00 MST 2005 misc_gallery.html: Added photo of Antonioni with Tarkovsky (1985).
Tue Mar 8 23:23:00 PST 2005 Added several DVD covers to the DVD_covers page (German Icestorm for Rublov, Mirror, Ivan, Brazilian for Stalker, Ivan, Mirror, Nostalghia, The Steamroller..., Solaris, Offret).
Mon Feb 21 20:05:56 MST 2005 cecconello_bibliog.html: Added Manuele Cecconello's Tarkovsky bibliography.
Sun Feb 20 01:41:15 PST 2005 bookbib.html: Added Surkova's second book to the list (S Tarkovskim i o Tarkovskom).
Thu Feb 17 23:12:01 MST 2005 TheTopics.html: Added the article Gazing into Time: Tarkovsky and Post-Modern Cinema Aesthetics by Robert Bird. Also added our Sokurov DVD review.
Thu Feb 17 23:02:58 MST 2005 TheBibliography.html: Added an updated (December 2004) Tarkovsky bibliography from Tom Korolewicz.
Mon Jan 24 23:15:58 PST 2005 Fixed (finally) the frames from Stalker in the Special Section. They were all too bright for some reason.

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